How to Run Your Marketing Campaign in Simple, Easy Steps

How to Run Your Marketing Campaign in Simple Easy Steps | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Have you got a product to promote?  A course you’re about to run?  An amazing event on the horizon?

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been focusing on everything you need to plan and run a targeted marketing campaign that will help you educate people and draw them in.

(This feels particularly timely, since we’re moving fast into the frenzied ‘countdown to Christmas’ phase of the year!)

To recap, we’ve looked at the marketing strategies used by large companies when they run campaigns, such as John Lewis and their hugely anticipated Christmas TV ad.  We’ve also covered the importance of adding value, not discounts, to your campaign.

But what about the mechanics of running that campaign?  In other words: what do you actually need to do?

When you’re planning your marketing strategy, it’s tempting to concentrate on the ‘big picture’ elements over everything else.  You spend precious time and effort thinking up amazing ideas and offers that are sure to get customers flooding in.

Then you run your campaign, only to find that people aren’t responding in quite the way you thought they would.  You get a few enquiries here and there, but no sign-ups.  People are ‘Liking’ your social media posts, but they aren’t buying.

If you’ve experienced any of this, don’t worry.  With just a few tweaks, you can get that campaign straight back to work.

Plan Your Marketing Campaign for Success

You’ve heard me say this (many times) before, but planning is the ingredient that turns passion into profit.

In other words: the very best idea is likely to fail, if it isn’t properly supported with the right plan.

We learned from the big businesses about the importance of having a tweak-able campaign checklist in place.  So start with your campaign goal (20 sign-ups for your coaching course by X date, for example), then plot your activity out within the time-frame you’ve set for yourself.  Make sure you ramp up your marketing activity as the magic date gets closer.

Remember: starting earlier than you might think has the potential to generate the best results.  You’ll have enough time to put everything you need into place, while your potential customers will have enough time to get to know and trust you.  They’ll also be better able to anticipate all the benefits they’re going to get from your offer.

Case in point: John Lewis started releasing ‘gossip’ about this year’s Christmas ad all the way back in August!

From Start to Finish, Ensure Laser-like Focus in Your Marketing Campaign

Marketing success comes from perseverance and consistency, rather than a wild burst of creativity.

So however long your campaign lasts – whether it’s four weeks until your course start date, or three months’ build-up to the publication of your book – make sure your marketing activity and materials are completely focused on your end goal.

Here are six examples:

  1. Update your website. Create a specific, eye-catching landing page, or ensure there’s a strong call-to-action for your promotion on your Home page.
  2. Send targeted emails. These should showcase your offer to those people on your mailing list who are the most likely to want it. For best results, keep the content focused.  Don’t distract your audience by adding snippets about other areas of your business.
  3. Create clear header images for social media. Use a site like Canva if you want to do it yourself, or find a good designer to do it for you (Fiverr can be good for this). Make sure your promotion is front and centre!
  4. Write informative blog posts about your topic. Make sure these are easily search-able (use the right keywords) and easy to share on social media.
  5. Create useful and varied content. People want to feel valued and engaged, so don’t just stick to the same old social media posts. Mix it up by sharing a ‘how to’ video, for example, or a photo that promotes your offer by telling a specific story.
  6. Get networking. Talk about your promotion and use it as your call-to-action.

Create Your Marketing Campaign Funnel

As the saying goes, knowledge is power.

That means you’ll need a process to make sure you know who’s responding to your campaign, as well as how and where they found out about your offer.

I’ve written about marketing funnels before.  To summarise, a funnel is a system that starts with a method of attracting potential customers (such as a downloadable lead magnet) in exchange for their contact details.

You can then continue to engage and respond to those people who take an interest in you, with targeted marketing activities such as those I’ve listed above.

Hopefully, the end result will be clear: more sales, and enthusiastic sign-ups!

Now I’m curious. Marketing-wise, what tactics have worked best for you? Leave a comment below, and let’s start a conversation!

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