Jo Hunt , Oils by Jo | Testimonial | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggyClient: Jo Hunt

Company: Oils by Jo

I knew I needed to make some changes in my business and was unsure of how to do this – event where to start. I had to make structural changes as well as implement a marketing strategy. I have always wanted to work with Kathy as from seeing her in action previously I knew she would be the one for me; and she certainly is.

We sat down for a coffee and Kathy asked me a series of questions and they just lead onto other elements and questions. It was so easy, I had been expecting it to be quite difficult, but together we implemented a plan of action and a year later we got there (there was a time factor involved in what I had to do).

For me it was creating a time schedule and working to it and checking in on a regular basis to see if it was working and tweak if not. All of my marketing is planned using Kathy’s book (The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser) and I am now working on the 2nd year. It really works as it gives you the information that needs doing and I simply create the quarterly plans from there, simple!

I have found that there is so much structure, I know exactly what my social media, blogs and monthly email newsletters are focused on – it is really great and so, so easy.

I have seen more focused sales on certain ranges of products by following my plan, which makes everything so much easier from ordering stock to being aware of what’s on my social media. It also makes my day to day work easier as I am not flitting from one thing to another – and where there is focus there is growth.

 Love working with Kathy and wouldn’t go anywhere else, thank you for everything you do – you are truly amazing.

Client: Uma Satkunam

Company: Miss Teasmith

I needed help understanding how marketing (that is specific and structured) can impact my business and how to apply it to my business with the resources I have available.

Understanding who I am selling to, why, how and where.

I have no previous experience in this field and was really only making feeble attempts at it.  It was not the cohesive plan that Kathy helped create. Only the best, Kathy!!

We outlined my business, how I approach marketing, taking into account that market segment and targeting that market using platforms that they use. Choosing specific platforms and not just selling but talking to customers about how my product fits into their lives. Online research, recommended reading and specific methods of approach.

 I am using the same method now. I have more interest and engagement from the group people I want to sell to. That what I thought was not possible, I actually enjoy doing!

Client: Ady Henderson

Company: Hold Tightly

Kathy has been an enormous help to me both professionally and also on a personal level.

I first met Kathy some years ago at a PRIME course – a three-day programme for people over the age of 50 wishing to start a business. I gained a tremendous amount of working knowledge from this course, led by Kathy, and as a result, went on to create my product and launch my business, HoldTightly.

It was because of my experience with Kathy at PRIME I became a regular consumer of her weekly newsletter and blog following many of her tips and guidance regarding good practice.

During our work together we have covered a great many topics including, time management, list building, networking and the importance of creating a strategy. Kathy has always been supportive and at the same time both frank and objective with her critique and suggestions; has, and is, willing to read and advise on copy and content and is extremely knowledgeable about online marketing and creating email marketing campaigns.

As a result of being mentored by Kathy HoldTightly has received editorial in both The Times newspaper and Daily Telegraph on-line, I have become a member of Enterprise Nation and am now looking to broaden my market base to national stores.  My most recent session with Kathy covered ways to expand the business to include other products, financing, various sources of funding available and also pitfalls to look out for.

Last but not least, I will always be grateful for the tools and coping mechanisms she provided whilst we kept the business ticking over during a recent and now on-going family illness. Her common sense, professional approach during this time is responsible for me continuing and growing the business.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Kathy to colleagues who have expressed an interest in working with a business mentor.

Client: Heather Prince

Company: The Hunch Club

I have been mentored by Kathy Ennis to show me how to grow my business.  Her knowledge and clear explanation of how to improve my business, plus marketing advice has been excellent.

From re-designing my website, business cards and showing me to how to write my blogs and put them into emails, as well as grow my email list and use Constant Contact to send out emails, promotions, events etc, plus social media advice, has given my business a truly professional sleek brand which is growing.

Her continuing encouragement and support is phenomenal and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Client: Sharon Eden

Company: The Wild Elder

When I first met Kathy I had so many ideas of what I could do that my head was spinning. Kathy helped me focus both on what I loved doing AND what was commercially viable. She then taught me how to plot my business items over time, creating an action programme.

Being a tad unrealistic about my capacity led to revisions. However, I’m still using the business principles and structures gained from working with Kathy to good effect and highly recommend her to you.

 Client: Penny Fray

Company: Pen and Ink Tuition

Every time I meet Kathy she inspires me even more. She has worked with me on 3 separate projects.

Firstly she was the trainer for the PRIME course for start- up businesses in the over 50’s. After the first day on this course I went home and looked up her website and found out all about her because she had so fired up my enthusiasm. Very quickly after I had finished the course I attended a day she ran to help me set up my own website. That was great as it got me started and her handy hints and help made it a very easy process.

Soon after that I worked with her again to start developing my business especially the marketing side. I met her for three sessions and she guided me through the unknown territory of social media and email marketing strategies. She is a most patient person, and very happy to go over ideas more than once if I didn’t quite grasp the concept the first time.

Recently I have asked her to work with me again as no-one else has inspired me in the way she has done.  We worked through my current business plan and status with Kathy asking really useful and searching questions about what I wanted for the business.

At every step of the way she has helped me turn ideas into action points and then come back to me later on to see how far I have got.

I have introduced her to other colleagues who immediately connect with her too and feel she is a lovely lady and so helpful.

I cannot rate her highly enough as an excellent mentor and trainer.

Client: Sam Bailey

Company: Silver Compass Digital Marketing

My decision to work with Kathy was an easy one. We had worked infrequently together before through my previous employer and she was already well known and well regarded by that company. Kathy’s stellar reputation, paired with her expertise focusing on microbusinesses, made her an obvious choice when I was looking for assistance in growing my business.

The biggest benefit of working with Kathy is Kathy herself. She has a genuine and relaxed personality which has always put me at ease, I always feel that she is as invested in my business success as I am – which is a spectacular trait to have as a mentor.

Kathy also truly understands the efforts and strains of small businesses and microbusiness in particular, which is a relief when a little understanding flexibility is required in the working relationship.

Since working together I have been able to clarify some of the goals for my business that had been fuzzy in my head, test other business ideas against her sound judgement and really be kept accountable for the work I am pouring into my business. It is clear in my mind that a large chunk of the business development I have done over the last few months have been successful because of Kathy’s guidance.

Now that I have a greater clarity and accountability with my business I see my work with Kathy moving in a direction that will help me to secure more repeat business that is reliable month to month, in addition to growing the consulting side of my business.

I am convinced that with Kathy’s continued help and assistance this will be a very achievable goal.