Passion to Profit VIP Day | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

OK, I know how it is. You’re doing all the ‘Right’ things but they’re not working and you’re getting more and more frustrated by your lack of growth or progress. You want to scream, stamp your feet or maybe find a corner where you can have a good cry.

Don’t Despair

There is a super-focused way to move your business forward; a day of problem solving, creative planning and super-easy, next-step actions

One Day that Will Make a MASSIVE Difference – the Very Next Day!


… more time and more money for less work; imagine being supported and guided with advice from someone who has been there and done that; imagine having, someone who really knows you and your business, has got your back and can introduce you to others who can support you too. 

Whilst there is plenty of ‘this is how you build your business’ advice out there, it often doesn’t take into account the school run, elderly parents, the laundry, an empty refrigerator – or simply the fact that you want to have a life!

So I have created a day where I work with you on your specific concerns and needs. Taking a more holistic, realistic and practical approach we build purpose and excitement for your business and create an empowering, individual, action plan that works for you and your personal circumstances. 

This is an in-depth, quick-fire day that is a real game changer. We work together for a whole day to create a sensible, achievable, strategic, passion to profit plan for your business

Kathy Ennis

But is it Just One Day?! No, it’s One Day that Just Keeps on Giving…

Having learned the hard way, I know that most business ideas are possible with the right kind of knowledge, planning, support and hand-holding behind them.

Perhaps you’ve tried support before but, over time, became disillusioned because you weren’t finding the solutions and there were practical things you weren’t discovering how to do. You needed someone to guide you and advise you step-by-step – and you didn’t want it to take FOREVER!


Then this VIP Day is the Day for You

I have created a well-defined process built on 20-years of experience and three businesses. You will get guidance from someone who has seen the good and the bad; who has the technical and creative skills as well as the empathy. A fully accredited Professional Business Mentor.

I know this is what you need. I have seen the change that happens when real purpose and structure, – that spans the gap between passion and profit – is put into a micro or side hustle business. The change I see excites me every time, plus I absolutely love the confidence my clients acquire.

We sat down for a coffee and Kathy asked me a series of questions and they just lead onto other elements and questions. It was so easy, I had been expecting it to be quite difficult, but together we implemented a plan of action. I have found that there is so much structure. I have seen more focused sales on certain ranges of products by following my plan. It also makes my day to day work easier as I am not flitting from one thing to another – and where there is focus there is growth. I love working with Kathy and wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Thank you for everything you do Kathy – you are truly amazing.

Jo Hunt , Oils by Jo

Your VIP Day will be a full day of strategy and mentoring where we focus intensely on YOU and your needs – blasting your challenges, overcoming your anxieties, and creating and planning your big visions and goals.

I believe in developing strong relationships with the people I work with; we’ll be a team, working together to help your business flourish.

You will be fired with new self belief, empowered with a winning mindset, and ready to walk away re-charged and ready for action.

So, a VIP Day Is For You If:

You have big dreams of taking your business to the next level: more fun, happiness, freedom AND money

You’re ready to get visible and reach a bigger audience

You know you need a plan, but don’t know where to start

You want to easily attract your dream clients

You understand your ‘zone of genius’ but you’re struggling because you don’t outsource the rest (yet!)

You want to turn your passion into profit


Here’s What You Get with a VIP Day

Work starts a couple of weeks before we meet with you completing a number of questionnaires that help to frame the day and make sure we hit the ground running.

On ‘YOUR’ day we meet at 10.30am at a mutually convenient location – usually a lovely hotel where I will make sure you enjoy lots of tea, coffee and a great lunch – and we work through until 4.30pm on a plan that you can easily start to implement the very next day.

Your VIP Day is followed up with two, 45-minute calls (via Zoom) spaced out over a two-week interval – this will help us iron out any problems, help you take action and keep you accountable.

The investment for this game-changing day is £997

I know you may be thinking….too expensive… but think about how much time you have wasted trying to make things right, how much money you have spent without getting results and how proud and successful you’ll feel turning your passion into a profitable business, (plus I offer payment options – please just ask!)

I also know that many coaches, consultants and mentors only focus on the things that worked for them; but their way may be completely wrong for you! I promise to take the time to understand you, your business, your products and services, your values, your abilities and your comfort zone. Together, we will build a plan that will feel good, because it’s been designed specifically for you!

I can’t wait to tell you more about the incredible benefits you will experience through investing in a VIP Day. So let’s get YOUR VIP Day in the diary today!