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You can ditch all those planners, journals and diaries that don't deliver on their promises!

Here's an Organiser designed for EXCEPTIONAL Micro and Side Hustle business owners

Just Like YOU!

You need an organiser that will help you work less AND make more money. So, here it is!

The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser

Unlike most planners, diaries and organisers out there (like the ones you keep starting and not finishing) The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser isn’t just gorgeous – it’s a one-stop-shop, social media marketing planning tool that your micro or side hustle business can’t afford to be without.

Hi, my name is Kathy Ennis. For more then 20 years I have helped micro and side hustle business owners, just like you, who often struggle to really make an impact with their social media marketing, even though they spend precious time - and money - doing the things 'everybody' is telling them they should be doing.

That's where The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser comes in.

If you’re anything like me you love stationery; you love great design; you buy a diary or a planner every year to help you plan your marketing – but stop using it after a few weeks or months because it becomes too much of a chore – and you’ve got other great things to do, like running your business.

That's why you need an awesome alternative; you need The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser

Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser:

  • Was created for micro and side hustle business owners just like you; business owners who aren’t professional marketers but have great products and services that they need to get in front of their customers
  • Doesn’t assume you know anything about marketing or social media – but gives you the tools to develop that knowledge and those skills
  • Will take you step-by-step through the process of creating highly effective social media marketing campaigns
  • Is chock-full of hints, tips and ideas that will enable you to engage with your customers via successful marketing campaigns that showcase your products and services
  • Oh, and yes; there’s a calendar and a diary too – but, it’s not specific to any year, which means you can use it OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN!

Want to get a copy?

The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Not Quite Convinced Yet?

Well, the bottom line is, The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser can be used to help you market your micro or side hustle business with social media, even if you have no marketing experience

Let Me Tell You Why I Created 
The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser

First things first; hands up – I’m not a professional marketer. I’m a business woman with over 20-years experience of running my own micro and side hustle businesses. Have I always been successful? Absolutely not! I’ve had some great ‘Ups’, but I’ve also had lots of really difficult ‘Downs’; I’ve made some smashing, loyal friends, business partners and clients and some really costly, time-wasting mistakes.

It’s those mistakes I don’t want you to make

One of the biggest things I have learned over all the years I have been in business is ...

Every micro and side hustle business owner knows they need to market their business and, these days, they know social media is a great way to get their products and services in front of their customers – because everyone is telling them that’s how it’s done. Right?

But, as most micro and side hustle business owner aren’t marketers AND because they most-often don’t have the funds to pay someone to do their marketing for them – it’s done wrong, it’s done badly, it’s done inconsistently. IT’S JUST NOT WORKING.

Done right, done well and done regularly, social media marketing will be an amazing way to bring you lots of lovely customers who spend masses of money. But, even with all the best intentions, running a business (and life!) can often get in the way – so, your social media marketing ends up on the back burner.

There's only one thing for it; you need The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser


Wonderful Planner - It's a Must-Have

This is an amazing and useful planner, I’ve started filling it in and it’s going to be a godsend! Can’t recommend enough. Couldn’t arrive quick enough either.

Zoe Collins

ZSC Accountancy


Bought a Second Copy!

This is a proper planner and organiser for step-by-step social media marketing. I've just bought another copy for one of my team members - that's how much I love it.

Tamsin Fox-Davies
Agile Business Consortium


Cannot Wait to Start Using This AMAZING Book

Cannot wait to start using this amazing book for my social media. It's full of pages and pages of great ideas, thank you.

Joanne Hunt 

Oils by Jo

Here Are Seven Reasons Why YOU Need a Copy of The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser

#1 It’s a practical, beautifully designed, A4, soft-cover social media marketing campaign planner that you will want to take everywhere with you. It will make you smile every time you see it and is so gorgeous you won’t be able to stop yourself from using it

#2 There is a year-to-a-view calendar, there are monthly calendars and planning pages as well as monthly and quarterly review pages – but none of them are year-specific, so it means you can use the social media marketing organiser over and over and over again

#3 Because it’s a planning tool – not a diary – you can start using it on any day in any month of any year

#4 It’s full of ideas and inspiration to keep you on track

#5 There’s a whole section about what marketing is, the difference between marketing and promotion and masses of idea about lots of offline marketing methods too

#6 Marketing campaign planning can be really difficult if you’re not a marketer, so there’s a whole section that takes you, step-by-step, through how to plan and deliver a successful social media marketing campaign

#7 And, most importantly, it’s written by a non-marketer: someone just like you who came up against all the problems of time, money and expertise; someone who understands that most of the marketing information out there has been written by marketers for other marketers; someone who uses all the ideas and strategies outlined in The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser to run a very successful (non-marketing) business

Maybe, but not quite?

You want to know how much The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser costs.

Well, maybe less than you think? It’s available from Amazon for the massive sum of ….

 …. wait for it ….

£17.95 + p&p

(and the p&p is free if you subscribe to Amazon Prime!)


Get Yourself a PDF copy and download it immediately - only ...


Well, if I haven’t convinced you by now that your business will love you for buying this book, I probably never will. So, thanks for stopping by and I wish you every success with your small or micro business – but remember you can always change your mind and if you want to get your hands on a copy...