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Outsourcing: How to Call in the Experts (Without Breaking the Bank!)

Outsourcing: How to Call in the Experts Without Breaking the Bank - Photograph by Jeshoots-com | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest” This is one of my favourite sayings, and I’m in good company too: it’s a saying that just about every successful entrepreneur lives by (can you see Sir Richard Branson doing his own accounts, or designing his companies’ social media posts?) You might be surprised that […]

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Business Skills: Why You Can’t Do It All On Your Own

Business Skills Why You Can't Do It All On Your Own - Photograph by Cowomen | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

More and more people are exchanging the traditional nine-to-five for going it alone and starting a business. The government has forecast that the vast majority of UK start-ups in 2019 will be micro businesses – those that consist of nine people or fewer. While it is the current estimate is that that 40% of employed […]

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