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The Four Key Questions Every Micro Business Owner MUST Ask

The Four Key Questions Every Micro Business Owner MUST Ask | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Along with the right support and careful planning, passion is what will keep you moving forwards through those tentative first few months as a start-up, and it’s definitely what keeps you going when the going gets tough as an established business. Passion is the motivator as you establish yourself in your market and as you […]

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Your Micro Business “WHAT”: It all Starts with Passion

Your Micro Business What- It all Starts with Passion - Photograph by Emma Matthews | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

The beginning of the year is a really popular time to start a business and, while all these lovely start-ups are getting underway, the media likes nothing better than reminding us that one-fifth of start-up businesses will fail within five years! Statistics like that can make off-putting reading, particularly if you’ve been thinking about branching […]

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Playing it Large: Take a Macro Approach to Your Micro Business

Playing It Large - Take a Macro Approach to Your Micro Business - Photograph by Brooke Cagle | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

You might have noticed that I’ve been talking up micro businesses in my recent blog posts. That’s because I wholeheartedly believe in the immense power and potential of the micro business.  You’ve got as much opportunity to change the world as a one-person entity working from your bedroom, as a global company working from plush […]

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So You’re Working in Your PJs…Does That Mean You’ve Got a “Micro” Business?

So You're Working in Your PJ's...Does That Mean You Have a Micro Business? | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

One thing I hear over and over again from micro business owners is that they hope never to go back to regular, nine-to-five employment. There’s something oh-so-addictive about working for yourself, and the wonderful news is that there’s never been a better time to go for it.  The colossal rise of technology means you can […]

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How to Start Your Very Own Side Hustle Micro Business

How to Start Your Very Own Side Hustle Micro Business | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re worth so much more than your nine-to-five job?  You might even have had fleeting thoughts about leaving it altogether and starting up on your own.  Deep down, you crave an opportunity to channel all your experience and skill-set into something you genuinely love. If so, you could […]

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Micro Business Myths: How to Be a Roaring Success When You’re the Only One in Charge

Micro Business Myths - How to be a Roaring Success When Youre the Only One in Charge | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Do you work for yourself – or are you planning to in the future? If so, you’re in good company. A new year always sees an upsurge in start-up businesses. In fact, January is the most popular month of the year for people to register new start-ups. HMRC registered more than 660,000 new businesses in […]

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Join The JFDI Club on Facebook

The JFDI Club | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

The JFDI Club is a free Facebook Group that I run, designed for anyone who has been a client, been to one of my training sessions, seen me talk, read my blogs, or engaged with me at networking. The JFDI Club is a friendly community for those looking to make their ultra-small or micro business shine. […]

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You Think You Can Market Your Business Without a Marketing Plan? Think Again

You Think You Can Market Your Business Without a Marketing Plan Think Again - Photograph by Arnel-Hasanovic | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

A survey* of small and micro business owners found that 66% struggle with finding new customers, while 40% said they had difficulty in retaining their existing customers. Finding and keeping customers doesn’t happen by accident; it happens with marketing. The problem is that without a marketing plan, finding customers is unnecessarily difficult while keeping the […]

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Want a Successful Business? THE Seven Questions You Need to Answer

Want a Successful Business THE Seven Questions You Need to Answer | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Do You Want a Successful Business? I heard a very successful entrepreneur say that the difference between a successful business person with a profitable business and someone less successful is that the successful person is prepared. One of the qualities often attributed to successful entrepreneurs is that they are risk takers. However, I prefer to […]

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4 Key Business Skills that Every Business Owner Needs to Develop

4 Key Business Skills that Every Business Owner Needs to Develop | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Business Skills Bring Order to Chaos What’s your problem? There you go, complaining again. You are the one who decided to start your own business – so start doing business and stop moaning about it. As a business woman, I often have this kind of conversation with myself, but then I fall back on the business skills […]

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