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Are You Ready to Take Your Business from PASSION to PROFIT?

I’m not going to lie, you’ve got to be prepared to put in some hard graft

Success takes effort and it doesn’t happen overnight. But with me as your guide you will get there quicker, without making the mistakes that many business owners make. We’ll focus on taking practical, tried-and-tested action in three key areas of your business:

Planning Your Business from Passion to Profit | Kathy Ennis \ LittlePiggyPlanning

Do you want to turn your ideas, ambitions and hard work into a successful business? Then you need to plan. Putting strong foundations in place is key to any business, and good planning is the essential the link between PASSION and PROFIT is PLANNING.

Working with me you will create a simple, sensible, achievable one page plan that you can amend and adapt year-on-year; it will be your route-map to success, will make decision making easy and will ensure your business evolves.

Successful Engagement Marketing and Marketing Strategy | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggyEngagement Marketing

Much of your business success will be based on your ability to remain connected and engaged with your customers after a sale, but that’s the easy part. The hard part is finding your ideal customers in the first place, ensuring they come back again and again, and getting them to tell their friends! That’s SUCCESSFUL ENGAGEMENT MARKETING.

Working with me you will create an engaging marketing strategy that will target your ideal customers with laser-like focus. Your strategy will be turned into and a clear, concise, simple – but detailed – 12-month marketing plan that will map out an easy-to-implement routine.

Services: Customer Focus - Who Is Your Ideal Customer | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggyCustomer Focus

If you want your business to be successful you have to FOCUS ON YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER. By understanding their wants, needs, desires, problems and challenges you will be able to position your products and services so that their value is clear and it becomes an ‘easy yes’ decision for your customers to buy.

Working with me you will create a unique customer profile that will enable you to deliver products and services that your ideal customers want to buy and you will demonstrate, clearly, what differentiates you from your competition.

I’ll support you and keep you accountable – I’ll even prod you if you need it – so you get the essential stuff done. Your business will flourish.