Get Ready for 2019 #1: Why ‘Going Live’ is Good Your for Business

Why Going Live is Good for Your Business - Get Ready for 2019 #1 | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Live social media broadcasts typically attract up to three times more engagement than pre-recorded video content, and the good news is that recording a Live video is easier than ever before. 

Better still, there’s no need to invest in any fancy equipment.  All you need is a smartphone, a sturdy stand or tripod and a microphone (the built-in microphone on a standard pair of headphones is fine). 

While the very idea of recording a Live video can break some people out in a cold sweat, don’t worry!  The principles of live recording are very similar to those of confident presenting – something I’ve covered in a number of previous blogs. 

In short, preparation and relevance are key, and these are aspects you can prepare long before you press that ‘Live’ button.  

Facebook Live vs. Instagram Live

You probably see many, many examples of Live videos as you scroll through your Facebook and Instagram feeds.  Because of this, you may already have a vague idea about what works, and what doesn’t. 

But which platform is the best one for your business?

Instagram may be owned by Facebook, and the process for recording may be very similar for both.  But that doesn’t mean the platforms – or the audiences – are one and the same. 

So start by thinking about who your ideal customers are, and where they like to hang out online. 

Instagram is particularly good for ‘exclusive content’ recordings, since your Live video will disappear after 24 hours.  This is fantastic for generating a quick, instant buzz, or promoting a short-lived special offer. 

You may also benefit from higher viewing figures during your Instagram Live – if people know your video will only be available for a short time, they may be more likely to tune in!

Facebook Lives, meanwhile, will be stored on your page for people to view whenever they like.  This not only makes them perfect for introducing yourself  or promoting evergreen content*, but you will also benefit from more in-depth analytics that help you do more of what works.

[*Evergreen Content is content that is not time-sensitive; it does not rely on current events, therefore it can be re-used, amended  and updated over time to keep it relevant.]

So, now you’ve decided on your perfect platform, how do you record the perfect Live video?

Get Camera-Ready

While you don’t have to dress to the nines, if you’re recording a business-related Live, you should look as you would if you were going to meet a new client.

Before you go Live, make sure your microphone works, that your phone is fixed firmly in its stand and in the right recording position, and that your face is well-lit (lighting from the back may make you look like an anonymous commentator on Crimewatch)

Keep It Short

Short videos tend to get more views than longer ones, unless the subject is particularly in-depth.

This is why I recommend preparing what you’re going to say in advance.  We’ve all seen those videos in which people decide to record a random, unprepared Live…that just ends up rambling on and on.

Remember that most people are easily bored and have an endless choice of content to view.  So keep your recording content relevant, informative and to the point, and save those rants and ramblings for your personal Live videos instead.

One of my favourite, recent Facebook Lives was made by a local personal trainer, who demonstrated three simple warm-up exercises for people to try out at home.  It was obvious that she had thought about which exercises to include in advance, and she delivered them in a very clear and professional way that made it easy to follow her.

Make a Regular Live ‘Appointment’

Just as I recommend you post blog content on the same day each week, think about recording Live videos at a regular time slot, such as 10am every Monday.

People will start getting used to checking in with you every so often, and you could use the opportunity to promote offers, blog posts, or to answer specific questions about your business.

‘Live’ Offers Enormous Engagement Potential

It may take a little time, effort and planning, but the engagement potential that comes from recording Live videos is huge.  You will give your followers and customers the chance to really get to know you and your business, with an opportunity to build trust that leads to lasting relationships.

Meanwhile, If you’re looking for a new year’s boost for your content planning, my book, The Big Social Media Organiser is the perfect solution.  Make 2019 the year you create that winning campaign!

Kathy Ennis

I mentor dynamic, action-taking micro business owners who are not making the profit they deserve or dream of. I help them transform their good ideas into a successful business. I enable them to create simple, sensible, achievable business plans and engagement marketing strategies that turn their passion into profit.