Get Ready for 2019 #2: Save Time and Energy by Giving Your Content a Makeover!

Save Time and Energy by Giving Your Content a Makeover! - Get Ready for 2019 #2 | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Have you started planning your 2019 marketing content yet? If you have, BRILLIANT! If you haven’t, WHY NOT!

In this post, I’m going to share some tips and tools that will not only save you some precious time but will also help you give your content a sparkly makeover!

Tip 1: Create Evergreen Content

As we move further into 2019, it’s time to plan your marketing content for this brand-new year. But it can always seem a bit daunting – there are 52 weeks ahead of us to fill.

Fear not! Here’s a big not-so-secret, secret. Use all the stuff you created last year!!

I’m a huge fan of refreshing and repurposing content – that’s where Evergreen Content’ comes in.

Evergreen Content* stays continually fresh and relevant, long after you first created it.

[*Evergreen Content is content that is not time-sensitive; it does not rely on current events, therefore it can be re-used, amended and updated over time to keep it relevant.]

Popular examples of Evergreen Content include ‘how to’ guides and instructional videos or lists of tips.  You could answer frequently asked questions, explain confusing industry jargon, or share some insider knowledge – all with your unique approach.

For the best results, create your Evergreen Content in simple language, and try your best to make it appeal to beginners, or to people who don’t know already know much about your business or industry.

While news items, recent statistics or pieces that focus on a current trend aren’t examples of evergreen content, it doesn’t mean you can’t use them to keep your website and social media pages up-to-date. 

By creating content that you ‘freshen-up’ and keep on sharing over time you will save yourself loads of time as well as remaining extremely relevant to your audience. So, once you have created your Evergreen Content reshare and repurpose it for new audiences at regular intervals. After all, why would you let all that effort go to waste?

Here’s an example of some Evergreen Content in my blog. I have updated it each year for the past three years

Tip 2: Give Your Content a New Look

Reward your written content with a new look every now and again, with the help of some eye-catching images.

Did you know that Facebook posts with images generate an extra 14% in organic reach? Not only that, it’s predicted that 84% of social media traffic will be visual by the end of 2019 – so it’s well worth adding pictures to your words.

I’ve mentioned sites like Canva numerous times, and that’s because they are worth their weight in gold.  Canva is an online design platform and image library that allows you to create social media images and blog post pictures, and better still, it’s (mostly) free.

You could also inject some vibrant colour to your content – something we all need more of – with the help of Adobe Color CC.  Create your own colour schemes or browse through thousands of combinations.

But if I had to choose my favourite image editor, it would be Snapseed.  This is a free, powerful and ridiculously easy-to-use photo editing app that allows you to rework pictures on phone your camera – without having to take a complicated lesson in Photoshop. The added bonus? Using your own photographs means you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement or the cost of purchasing images.

(There’s just one warning: Snapseed can become addictive very quickly!)

Tip 3: Get Your Business Camera-Ready

Time for another fact.  Did you know that users watch eight billion videos every day on Facebook alone? 

Video content generates the highest organic reach on social media posts, which is why every platform now includes the ability to record.  Considering that, it’s predicted that, in 2019, video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic, who could blame them?

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of going Live on social media – but you don’t always have to appear on screen yourself to create engaging video content for your followers.

For example, you could record an animated ‘explainer’ video using tools such as Sparkol, film some client testimonials, or share some behind the scenes activity from your workplace.

You can use apps like Videoshop to get really creative, such as adding music and images to your video, edit out any unwanted moments, or merge a series of video clips together.

Clever Lumen5 allows you to create video content from your blog posts and presentations – now that’s what I call repurposing!  Link the software with your blog for effortless regular recordings.

However, my stand-out video tool for 2019 is Quik.  You can do so many things with this amazing app – take some photos or film video with your phone, then use the wizzy slides, graphics and filters to make it must-see viewing.

Next Steps

So, next time you’re creating content for your business, ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is it evergreen?
  2. Can you add an image?
  3. Can you record it?  

Happy creating! 

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for even more content-boosting tips to get your social media marketing really working for you in 2019, my book, The Big Social Media Organiser is available now.  Not only is it packed with unique ideas, it also helps provide the means and motivation to put your plans into action.

Kathy Ennis

I mentor dynamic, action-taking micro business owners who are not making the profit they deserve or dream of. I help them transform their good ideas into a successful business. I enable them to create simple, sensible, achievable business plans and engagement marketing strategies that turn their passion into profit.