THE Branding Book for Micro and Side Hustle Businesses

Discover a simple, yet smart, process that will substantially impact your ability to attract terrific clients for your business!

We all want to stand out.. In this book, I will show you how to do just that, so that you can easily attract more of the clients you love!

  • If you are a dynamic, action-taking micro business owner, but you’re unsure about the next step to take, and you’re frustrated by your lack of growth or progress, this book will show you how to build a great brand that turns your business into a roaring success
  • If you’ve ever wondered how the big names easily attract bucket loads of customers, I will reveal how even a side hustle business can model their secrets, act big and get big result
Kathy Ennis | Little Piggy

Hi, my name is Kathy Ennis. For more then 20 years I have helped micro and side hustle business owners, just like you, who often struggle to make ends meet, even though they are fantastic and have a great range of products and services.

I can’t wait for you to see the confidence you acquire, and the changes that take place when you develop a truly brilliant brand for your business. I want to show you how you can love what you do AND ensure others love what you do too!

This is Exactly WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVER in My Book ...

Five (and a HALF) Steps to a Brilliant Brand

What Do You Long For?

  • Do you long for a more profitable business where you can take time out?
  • More customers? More peace of mind? More outsourcing of the tasks you hate? More time with the people you love?
  • If you are discontented now because you’re not getting these things. If whatever you do, your marketing doesn’t seem to work AND however much work you do there is far too little in return…

Then this book is for you

You see, there is probably one thing missing that will make ALL the difference…


As you devour the pages of this book, you’ll light up as you discover the nuggets of GOLD that will teach you how to build your brand in five and a half simple (but powerful) steps, using my well-defined process built on 20 years of experience and three businesses.

As you read on, you will start to relax as you get the very guidance you need, from someone who has the technical skills, branding skills, and empathy to help you understand each essential step on the path to micro business success!

You will realise that you can’t afford to ignore the fundamentals of business branding.And of course I want you to know you can be more successful, with a heftier bank balance to boot…

This is what I will reveal in my book ...

Five (and a HALF) Steps to a Brilliant Brand


I'd Give this Book Five and a Half Stars if I Could!

This is far from your average bland business book. Instead, you'll come away with some fantastic advice you can actually use. Kathy sheds light on the real meaning of branding (hint: it's not just about your logo!) and takes you step-by-step through the process of building something authentic and stand-out for your business.

The tone is lighthearted and fun too; it's as though you're working away with a trusted friend by your side. Buy it!.

Nina Jervis Nina the Writer

It’s time to step back from the tireless struggle and model success. Here’s how…

You Can Be BIG, Even If You Want To Stay Small! 

Even for the tiniest business, thinking big is essential. If you can imagine it, you can do it, so you must expect to be great if you are going to be GREAT!


In this book I want to light your imagination!

Whether you are a coach, nutritionist, accountant, personal trainer… let’s face it, any micro or side hustle business, as a fully accredited Business Mentor, it’s my role to guide your way so that you’re ready to move from passion to profit, with a clear and fully-thought-out brand.

You know what? Real brand development is the essential piece of business building that most other micro businesses miss out – that’s why they struggle. They think it’s time consuming. They think it’s expensive. They think it’s a waste of time. They think they don’t need it.

But you’re smart; give yourself a pat on the back. You are about to be strides ahead of your competitors as you build a brilliant brand that will become the foundation from which you smoothly transition to future business success.

You’ll be ready to talk about your business with power and confidence. Your brand will communicate your key message perfectly so that customers will:

  • Recogni​​​​se your business
  • Know what it d​​​​oes, and
  • Understand that it helps them


The impact that the right message to the right people at the right time, can have is immeasurable. But your business can only have this impact if you know how to get your message, products and services noticed – AND into the hands of the people whose problems your business is there to solve.

How You Will Benefit From Reading This Book?

  • Y​​​​ou will reignite your passion and LOVE what you do
  • You will attract clients you LOVE
  • You will reach more people that need YOU
  • You will feel more CONFIDENT

What Have You Tried Already That HASN'T Worked?

I hear it all the time when I start working with a client; they tell me they’ve listened to the gurus, they’ve done all the stuff people have told them they ‘have’ to do - networking, social media posts, blogging… But nothing has changed.

I’m sorry to say, those things are the trappings. Without a well-defined brand strategy embedded within sound business planning – it will always be a bit of a mess and, frankly, it just won’t work.

I get it - branding is not as easy as it sounds. Yet it’s those easily-forgotten foundation steps - defining your brand – that will turn your hard work into ease and success!

As a micro or side hustle business owner, we are our brand and, whilst we don’t need large branding agencies, we do need to get clear – and this book will light the way.

You will be fully armed for success with simple concepts that you can use to define your shiny new Brand. With my Five (and a Half) Steps to a Brilliant Brand, it’ll be your time to shine!

You Will Discover Crucial Concepts Such as:

  • Why your brand exists
  • Your business brand values
  • Your aspiration and personal code
  • Who YOUR perfect customer really is
  • The KEY problem you solve
  • How you are different and why it’s important that you are
  • The four ‘V’s’ of a perfectly formed brand
  • The emotional language of colour

And you may be very surprised to discover what the final half-step is too!

So don’t miss out on greater success in your Micro or Side Hustle business 

Get ready for A-ha! moments and more as you recognise your new-found potential and the success that flows from a Brilliant Brand!

Kathy Ennis | Little Piggy

Kathy Ennis

About the Author

Kathy is a  Business Mentor, Trainer and International Speaker. Her passion is to help people make a successful business out of doing what they love.

With more than 20 years’ experience of running her own side hustle and micro businesses, she now uses everything she has learnt to enable others to achieve their ambitions, to have the security of repeat business and to generate a profitable income. She has a wide knowledge of the business world, but specialises in helping micro and side hustle micro business owners create simple, sensible, achievable business plans, brilliant brands and engagement marketing strategies.