I felt a wave of excitement … this is going to change LIVES!

There it was.  I had my light-bulb moment. I just knew I had discovered the secret sauce. The difference that was going to make ALL the difference to the Micro and Side Hustle businesses of people just like me and you.

Not only that, it was such a SIMPLE concept. It had not only completely transformed my own business but had really started to impact the results of every individual client I had – coaches, nutritionists, cake-makers, inventors, tea importers, personal trainers, therapists and Pilates instructors….

This worked for them all. This was no fluke!

Let me take you back to the beginning …

It was 2001. I was working full-time in the Corporate world when I felt the compulsion to start my first Micro, Side Hustle business. What was it? Well, I went off and trained as an Image Consultant.

That may seem a bit random but, coming up my 40th birthday I had a top-to-toe session with an Image Consultant and it transformed me; yes, on the outside but, more importantly, on the inside.

So, I set up my Image Consultancy – working evenings and weekends around the ‘day job’; loving the joy and improved self-esteem felt by my clients.

But there was still something missing. It may sound odd, but I have never been interested in fashion and I really dislike shopping, so pure Image Consultancy could only take me, and my clients so far …

By 2006, I had found the answer and moved towards my new passion – Personal Branding. 

There I was, still with my own Micro Side Hustle; working with individuals, organisations and corporate institutions, delivering personal development and training on personal branding, professional impact and dress codes, as well as effective presentation and networking skills.

I loved my micro business and had been gradually reducing my full-time corporate hours, so when, in 2010, I was offered redundancy, I jumped at it. It seemed like the perfect time to complete my transition from Side Hustle to full-time business-woman.

But best laid plans and all that.

Bang. Recession.

The result? Tough times followed and for a year (although I kept going) business was slow. My redundancy money started to dry up and my pension was defrauded. We had my husband’s salary coming in and there was ‘wolf from the door’ money coming in from me, but we just about had our head above the financial crisis parapet.

There I was, working silly hours for little money, taking jobs (ANY jobs), whether they were right or wrong, to make ends meet… and finally I hit rock bottom - literally - I couldn’t afford to buy new knickers!

I was at my wits end and knew that if I was really going to make a go of this I had to get to grips with this business ‘thing’. So, I made a decision …

I got my head down and started learning about business – not the fancy, fun, front-end stuff; the real nitty gritty. What I learned I implemented. My biggest learning? To create a simple, sensible, achievable PLAN – and just get on and do it!

And THAT was the light-bulb moment.

Within 6 months my business had turned around.

My plan led me to become a member of the Association of Business Mentors; to win a contract with PRIME (The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise, a Prince of Wales Charity) delivering start-up courses for the over 50’s; AND it provided me with clients who needed one-to-one Business Mentoring support.

There it was – the difference that made the difference.

I had turned my business around with the one thing that is the critical, missing link between our Passion for our business and the Profit we need to make if we are going to have a business at all.

I now knew its name, and that name was PLANNING

By 2015 I was an Accredited Practitioner Mentor with The Association of Business Mentors and an Accredited Master Mentor with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring; I had a brilliant contract with Barking Enterprise Centre, delivering business courses and one-to-one Business Mentoring; and I was soon to be delivering training courses for the Enterprise Steps and DeK London programmes at London South Bank University

My focus now centred around a key concept, the one that changed my own life, and that I know will change yours

My ever-so-easy-to-implement ONE PAGE BUSINESS PLAN

In 2016 I changed the name of my company to LittlePiggy – because I know that the micro and side hustle businesses that work with me are ready to go ‘off to market!’

And the rest, as they say, is history…

I now get to work one-to-one with Micro and Side Hustle business owners, and I am asked to share my knowledge and experience through workshops and at public speaking gigs across the UK and Europe.

There’s nothing I love more than making a difference to people’s businesses – that and drinking coffee!

With over 20 years of experience you can rest assured that I know how to light your Passion to Profit fire whilst keeping a firm eye on a purposeful plan to get you where you want, and need, to be.

My simple, sensible, achievable methods, are what make me different…  Not only that we’ll have lots of fun too!

I know you are a dynamic, action-taking micro or side hustle business owner, simply unsure about the next step to take and frustrated by your lack of growth or progress.

So, let me unleash your potential and enable you to harness the power of purposeful planning and engagement marketing strategies.

Freedom. Success. Recognition. Relaxation. Security. You can have them all!

You are special and the world needs you to be free from inhibitions and fully confident to stride forward and make YOUR difference! Together we can plan the way.

Tell me your passion… and we’ll make a plan to turn that into a profitable business