Massive Facebook Marketing Myths – Debunked

Massive Facebook Marketing Myths – Debunked | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Facebook gets masses of attention and lots of credit for being THE social network for all businesses. But if you don’t have a fully developed marketing plan that gets to the heart of your business and your customers and enables you to make make informed marketing decisions, you could be wasting the potential of the 2 billion Facebook users out there.

So, here are six Massive Facebook Marketing Myths that I debunk when working with my clients on their social media marketing strategy.

1. All you need to do to get people to fall in love with your business on Facebook is to create a page and fill it out

Don’t think so…

You can’t think about your Facebook Business Page set-up as a one-time activity. You and your business are organic: you grow and develop over time; your products and services change; your customer profile expands.

Simple updates such as refreshing the About section on your Page, changing the Header image or installing a different Call to Action button can have a big impact.

You should also bear in mind that Facebook rewards Business Pages that respond to users frequently and quickly with badges like “Very responsive to messages”. It’s also the kind of thing that is likely to bring you good reviews from your Facebook fans.

2. The more you post, the more people will engage with you and your business

Absolutely not true!

You need to consider quality, not quantity. The more selective you are about what you post; the more it is crafted to meet the needs and interests of your followers, the more engagement you will get.

According to data collected by HubSpot, the more you post on Facebook, the lower your engagement rates may be. They also highlight that Pages with a small number of followers – those with fewer than 10,000 Likes – who post more than 60 times per month, will have 60% fewer clicks than those businesses that post 5 times or fewer per month.

Less is more…

3. Your followers see your most recent posts first

Think again…

The extremely secret and complicated Facebook algorithm is the thing that, technologically, makes the decision about who sees what, where, when and how.

When you post, bear in mind:, the algorithm:

  1. Delivers the most relevant content it thinks users will want to see in their News Feed
  2. Displays the most recent posts from their network
  3. Prioritises friends’ content over Page content
  4. prioritises engaging posts – those that generated more Shares and Likes – than your Page’s recent content

You can have an impact on how the algorithm works with your posts if you invest in Facebook advertising or Boosting posts. But before you embark on this, remember there are budgeting implications. You must have a fully worked out promotional strategy or you may be paying for something that does not have the impact you want.

4. People use Facebook on their desktop computer or their laptop


Design everything you do on Facebook for use on mobile devices.

Facebook reports that of the 1.5 billion daily, active users, over 90% of them are using Facebook via the app on their phone or tablet.

So, think mobile first. For example, if you want to post videos you have to assume that they will be viewed with no sound. Keep thinks short, simple and visual with bite-sized information that will encourage engagement and keep you followers coming back for more.

5. A great way to start getting engagement right away is to buy page Likes

Noooo – this is so worng!

  • Click farms
  • Fake accounts
  • Compromised accounts

This is what you get when you buy Likes. It’s the only way the companies that sell them can get you the numbers.

These ‘people’ will NEVER engage with your content because they are not real.

As I said before, it’s quality, not quantity.

With Facebook marketing the algorithm looks specifically at engagement rates; the number of comments and Shares you have on your posts. A massive number of Page Likes that is not matched with comments and Shares (due to fake fans) can actually casue the algorithm to stop showing your content to even those true followers you have.

Build your fan-base organically – ten well-engaged followers will have more impact on your Facebook marketing that 10,000 fake fans.

6. All businesses need a Facebook page because it’s a social network that is used by everyone

No it isn’t.

Facebook is most popular with people over the age of 35/40. They make up about 65% of users. Only about 30% of people under the age of 35 say Facebook is their favourite social network. Instagram is growing exponentially in popularity with this younger age group – and even younger, with those between 18 and 24 years.

As with all marketing, the mantra with Facebook marketing is ‘know your audience’

Facebook may not be the social network for your business at all – or maybe it needs less attention than, for example, LinkedIn? You have to adjust your marketing strategy to take into account your target audience and their preferences.

These are the six Massive Facebook Marketing Myths I have to dispel on a regular basis. When you next visit your marketing plan make sure you have not made assumptions about how Facebook marketing will, or will not, contribute to the success and growth of your business.

Are there any social media myths you want to debunk? Share them in the comments box below.

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