Make Your Engagement Marketing Easier By Using These Simple Tips

Make Your Engagement Marketing Easier By Using These Simple Tips | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Leverage the Power of Engagement Marketing

A lot of business owners, particularly those that are in smaller and micro businesses, have a concept about marketing that isn’t necessarily the most helpful to the growth of their business.


Most of them aren’t marketers. They’re really good at doing what they do, but not necessarily great at understanding how to get their message out to other people. Alongside that, they don’t have a lot of time, so it means that what they do has to have far more impact.

This is where the concept of Engagement Marketing comes in.

A key factor for us, as small and micro businesses, is our proximity to our customer base. If we were a large corporate and somebody wanted to contact us, they would probably get through to a call centre or a customer service helpline. If people want to talk to us about our business, and they make a phone call, they generally talk to us. We need to leverage that connection through Engagement Marketing.

The Engagement Marketing Cycle | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

The Engagement Marketing Cycle: Your Website

The first thing you need to consider is your ‘shopfront’ – even if you don’t have a physical shop.  The vast majority of small and micro businesses operate on the virtual high street, they’re out there in Internet-Land.

Whether you’re in that space, or whether you’re in a physical space, you need to ensure that where you send people – your website – is fit for purpose.

Key Points

  • Do not build your own website if you are not a web developer because it will look home-made
  • Do not let a friend or family member build your website at ‘mates rates’ or as a favour because it will never be their priority
  • Do not be tempted to go for style over substance. Yes, your website needs to look good but, most of all, it needs to be functional, fit for purpose, easy to navigate and get your visitors to engage with you

The Engagement Marketing Cycle: The Wow

You need to ensure that your website visitor’s first impression of your website is it one that gives them a real ‘Wow’?

I’m not saying everybody that comes to your website thinks “Oh my God, I’ve got to buy from this person.” But it’s imperative that they know who you are, they know what you do, and they know how to contact you – and that they can contact you really easily.

Key Points

  • Over 80% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. If your website is not mobile responsive you could (will!?) be losing business
  • The header (top) section of your website should include a contact phone number and an email address as they become hyperlinks, which means people can contact you immediately (with one touch) on their mobile phone (relying on a Contact Me page just won’t hack it)
  • People have got so much choice these days, if they don’t find what they want immediately, I’s simple to go somewhere else

You need to make it as easy-peasy as possible. People find your website, they open it up, there’s your phone number, they hit it, and it immediately your phone starts to ring!

The Engagement Marketing Cycle: The Enticement

 You have to have something on your website that entices people to connect with you.

A Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is something you put on your website that encourages people to leave you their name and their email address. It’s usually some kind of downloadable resource. You provide something that is easy for you to create, not expensive for you to create, but is a value to the people that come and visit your website.

Key Points

  • A lead magnet demonstrates your expertise
  • A lead magnet provides something your website visitors can download and, for that, they share their name and their email address with you

The Engagement Marketing Cycle: The Engagement

The third stage in the Engagement Marketing cycle is Engagement; this is where after the website visit and the download of the enticement for which they shared their name and email address, you engage through maintained contact.

So, you send them things on a regular basis – not in a spammy way, not every half an hour, and not every day! You send them things they will find interesting; and you will know what those are because you know what they downloaded – s you send them more things on that topic. And all the time you are giving them the opportunity to opt-out from receiving your messages if they no longer find them relevant or interesting.

This is what we call a marketing funnel.

Creating an enticement that encourages people to share their email address and their name with you brings people right in at the top of your marketing funnel.

What happens over time, as you engage with them more and more, is that people drop out – but you’re left with a core set of people who are still saying, “I’m interested in what you do and how you do it.”

The Engagement Marketing Cycle: The Circle

By creating engagement that brings people back to your website / your business you create a virtuous and virtual circle.

We live in a world that is social; these days so much happens online. It’s at this point that something even more fantastic happens.  As a result of this continuous engagement that your contacts connect with and find interesting, they are then prepared to share your social content online, or recommend you to their friends.

Then what happens?

Their friends come and check you out online too – where some will work their way through the enticement and the engagement process – and so it continues; like a pebble in a pond.


  • Provide a great first impression online
  • Make your website mobile friendly
  • Ensure your phone number and email address are hyperlinks in the header section
  • Include a good-looking lead magnet to entice people to connect with you
  • Engage with these connections through content that they will find relevant and interesting
  • Encourage those connections to share the information you post with their contacts
  • Provide a great first impression online

What are you doing to build this Engagement Marketing cycle in your business? Please share in the comments box below


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Anne Thomas - 18th November 2017 Reply

Hi. I do regular postings on my Facebook page. This can be images from a recent photoshoot or promoting events that I’m running. I also promote myself in groups on Facebook.
I post pics on Instagram, and when I remember, I’ll post on Twitter and LinkedIn! However, I’m not sure that I’m doing the engagement marketing thing. I’ll re-read this article and see how I can apply it – but just to let you know, I love reading your stuff!

    Kathy Ennis - 19th November 2017 Reply

    Thanks so much for the feedback Anne. The key to all of this is planning. Marketing – and particularly social media marketing – doesn’t happen by chance. It’s not how often you post, it’s what you post and where you post it in terms of your target audience. If you’re looking for some inspiration you could try using my book, The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser ( or join my 9-Week Facebook Challenge group on Facebook (

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