Magnetise Your Marketing with a Highly Effective Lead Magnet

Magnetise Your Marketing with a Highly Effective Lead Magnet | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Consider all those unknown, elusive people who visit our websites. How would it be if we had a method of turning them into prospective customers; encouraging them to share and engage with us?

Here’s the thing:

We all have the ability to create a really simple solution that can do just that. It’s called a Lead Magnet

What is a Lead Magnet?

A Lead Magnet is a tempting offer; it’s content of value to your potential customers that you give away in exchange for their contact details – usually their name and their email address. A Lead Magnet is not a form on your website inviting people to sign up for your regular newsletter.

A good Lead Magnet can turn hundreds of website visitors a month into prospects and targeted leads. There are many different types, they are extremely easy to create, but they are very easy to get wrong.

These tips are going to help you understand how to create a really effective Lead Magnet that gets results.

First Things First

You have to create something that really resonates with the audience you’re targeting. In the battle for attention you will be up against the mass of newsletter sign-ups, discount vouchers and advertisements vying for your audience’s notice. Simply inviting people to sign-up for your list doesn’t work these days; there’s too much competition in their inbox. You have to give something valuable in order for them to give you something valuable back; their name and email address.

You might be wondering:

What are the key factors you need to consider when creating a Lead Magnet? You need to consider these three criteria:

  • Who is your target customer? – all effective marketing starts with the question ‘who is the customer’
  • What does your target customer want to know? – once the customer has been identified you then have to discover what they want, need or desire
  • What would be the ideal format to deliver that information to that target customer? – finally, when considering the creation of a Lead Magnet, you have to know what type of content they respond to. Do they like downloadable resources? Maybe they prefer video tutorials or webinars. Once you know your customer the decision about how to deliver the Lead Magnet becomes much easier

The Characteristics of a Great Lead Magnet

A great Lead Magnet adds value to the person receiving it. It should:

  • Solve a real problem
  • Answer a specific question
  • Provide a ‘quick win’ so that your customer can do something better, plan more effectively, develop new skills or techniques, make use of samples and examples etc.
  • Demonstrate your unique offer; the thing that makes you different from your competitors
  • Be visually attractive
  • Have a snappy, catchy title
  • Be easy to digest
  • Be easy to implement
  • Be instantly accessible, for example, a nice one-click download
  • Be of low cost to you

Want to know the best part?:

A great Lead Magnet should be short. It shouldn’t answer the whole question or give the definitive solution to your customer’s problem. This is why an e-book is not a Lead Magnet; an e-book is a total solution wrapped up in one neat package. A downloadable, one-page cheat-sheet is a Lead Magnet.

9 Ideas for Lead Magnets that Really Work

If you want to give creating your first Lead Magnet a go, here are 9 really simple ideas; if you have already created a lead Magnet, but it didn’t quite work, maybe there’s something in this list that will help.

But here’s the ‘not to miss’ step:

Create your customer profile first. If you don’t do this you are likely to create a Lead Magnet that doesn’t hit its target. Instead of laser-like focus, you are likely to be operating under the ‘spray and pray’ system.

1. Checklist

A Checklist condenses everything your target customer needs needs to know into one, easy to use, reprintable, actionable list.

 2. Cheat-Sheet

A Cheat-Sheet is very similar to a Checklist. The difference is it gives guidelines, systems and processes that your target customer can follow over and over again to achieve a specific result.

3. Swipe-File

A Swipe-File is a collection of good examples, for example, The 50 Best Email Subject Lines – EVER!, The Three Email Autoresponder Series That Always Gets Results. The Swipe-File would contain all 50 subject lines or the full text of all three emails.

4. Plan/Planner or Calendar

A really simple, one-page plan or calendar that can be downloaded to be used over and over again. This is a brilliant ‘front of mind’ Lead Magnet in that, if it is being used daily – and is branded with all your details – you will be continually in the eye-line of your target customer.

5. Template

Free Templates are great for generating leads. Examples could include a template for designing a killer Facebook ad, maybe a set of header graphics for social media platforms or even a cashflow forecast. Templates can be supplied in Word, Excel, PowerPoint – whichever would most appeal to the target audience and fit the bill for the Template itself.

 6. Video Tutorial/Webinar

A short Video Tutorial will allow you to ‘teach’ your target audience something very specific. A Webinar falls into this category too. Both of these Lead Magnets are highly effective in gently pushing your target customers through your marketing funnel to the point of sale.

7. Toolkit

A Toolkit can be a little more complex to create because they are filled with links to lots of resources, but they make excellent Lead Magnets.  You can use resources you already have, including Cheat-Sheets, Plans, Calendars and Swipe-Files, as well as things such as blogs you have written or Infographics you have created.

8. Quiz / Questionnaire

A Quiz would be something that encourages your target customers to test their knowledge, their IQ, or even have just a bit of fun (admit it, you always do those quizzes on Facebook when they appear in your timeline!). Whereas a Questionnaire is more direct and should provide specific answers and maybe sign-posting.

9. Discount Voucher

A Discount Voucher is a Lead Magnet that is really good for e-commerce and online businesses. However, the key to making Discount Vouchers successful is to offer them at specific times and for specific things. If a Discount Voucher is available for 365 days of the year it will actually have the opposite effect of a good Lead Magnet and will turn customers away.

Now it’s your turn. Start creating a really customer-centric Lead Magnet for your website (and remember, you can promote it on all your other social sites too)


If you don’t know where to start, how to start or what would work for your business – I’m more than happy to help.


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