Creating a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar

Creating a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Creating a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar

Social Media Marketing Countdown to 2018 Week 2

Social – Media – Marketing

Consider these three words. They are used constantly by small and micro business owners; it’s my belief, they are used so often the meaning has disappeared.

What am I talking about?

The fact that it’s social media for MARKETING. Not social media for just being social; for spur of the moment; for “if I have time”; for random posting of comments, videos or images. It’s for marketing – the process of implementing measurable objectives and targets in order to achieve something specific in your business, such as, more sales, more leads or more advocates.

So, this week’s Social Media Marketing Countdown is about starting 2018 with a method for planning your social media output that is quick, easy and effective. Let’s look at creating a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar.

What is a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar?

A Social Media Marketing Content Calendars does what it says on the tin. It’s a method of planning, preparing and organising your upcoming social media marketing content. It’s a way to get all your ‘assets’ – blog posts, email newsletters, Facebook posts, images, videos etc. – planned in advance.

And, you should have a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar and plan in advance because …?

  • You will never miss an important date
  • You will always have quality content to share
  • It will save you time – YES, IT WILL!!
  • You will be able to compare the success of your posts so that you can, over time, ensure that you are posting information that your target audience finds it hard to resist

Creating a Social Media Marketing Content Calendar

The first thing to know is that planning your content should not take you very long each week – abut 10 minutes.

Once you have planned you may need to allocate some extra time to create some eye-catching images or videos using tools such as… (about another 30 minutes)

But the first step is to develop the format of your Content Calendar.  Here’s a method I use to create a weekly calendar; you may find it helpful:

  1. Identify what you want to achieve during the following week, for example, Sell 10 copies of my book. The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser
  2. List the social media marketing tools that you will use to achieve your target, for example, blogging, Facebook Live, email, Instagram, Twitter
  3. Assign each of your social media activities to days of the week
  4. Once you know what you will be doing on each day, start to identify the type of content you will be sharing. If we take my objective – Sell 10 copies of my book. The Big Social Media Marketing Organiser – I would use something specifically from my book to be the subject of my posts, for example, The Difference Between Marketing and Promotion. So, I would blog about the difference between marketing and promotion, I may use some of the quotes from the book in my Twitter posts or make images of them to share on Instagram


Notice how rarely I am saying ‘buy my book’ in anything I post


Once you have completed this exercise you will know if there are any things you need to prepare, such as images or short videos, so you can set aside some time for that. You can also set aside a little time for scheduling your posts using tools such as Hootsuite, Buffer or directly into Facebook scheduling.

Here’s a short video on Creating a Simple Social Media Marketing Content Calendar

Once you get used to doing this on a weekly basis, it becomes much easier to do something similar monthly or quarterly.

Let me know how you get on in the comments box below – or post up some images on my Facebook Page so I can share your content  to a wider audience.