Clean Up and Declutter Your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Countdown to 2018 Week One | Clean Up and Declutter Your Social Media Marketing | Kathy Ennis | LittlePiggy

Clean Up and Declutter Your Social Marketing to Make Way for Success in 2018

Social Media Marketing Countdown to 2018 Week One

Over the next three weeks I want to enable you to deal with the overwhelming stress of an over-cluttered social media marketing experience, so that you can move into 2018 prepared and ready to rock the New Year.

Why Your Need to Clean Up and Declutter Your Social Media Marketing

As you increase the number of social media marketing accounts for your business – often without knowing how they work, who they reach or if they’re the best platform for your business – you increase the number of decisions you have to make on a daily basis. These decision-making moments induce stress – and this can lead to a switch-off, run-away and head-in-the-sand attitude that does nothing to promote your business OR remove your feelings of anxiety.

The Solution to Your Social Media Marketing Chaos Can Be Found in Organisation

What I want you to do is clean up and declutter the social media accounts you’re following, and streamline your own social media accounts in order to have a greater impact on your social media marketing outcomes. What we’re aiming for is a stress-free-social experience.

To start the process, ask yourself two questions:

1. What do I want social media to do for my business?

You may think that this is a simplistic question. Your answer may be “I want my social media marketing to help me sell more of my products or services”. But it’s never that simple. More often than not, social media marketing is not about direct sales. It can just as easily be about building brand awareness or collecting leads.

Answering this question can be the first step in combatting the social-media-stress overwhelm you may feel. In order to move forward, effectively, with any social media marketing strategy you need to know what you want to achieve. Through monitoring your outcomes, you will be able to make evidence-based decisions about which aspects of your social media marketing are working, and which ones aren’t. And you know what I’m going to say next…


Do more of what works and stop doing what doesn’t!

2. Which social media marketing channels are best for my business?

Once you know what you want social media marketing to do for your business, you have to decide which social networks will enable you to achieve your goals.

You will need to use a combination of different social media channels in order to optimise your activity; remember your customers will not be in one place.

It may take you a little while to find the perfect mix of social media marketing channels for your business – and you’ll only discover this by consistent use and analysis of the data each of the channels provides.  Once you have this information you will be able to concentrate fully on the social media marketing channels that make the most sense for you and your business.

The Four Step Clean Sweep and Declutter Process

1. Make Time for Your Social Media Marketing

It’s never going to happen if you just keep thinking about it or talking about it; make time to clean up your social media accounts.

Schedule time in your diary. This is so important, you can’t just leave it to “when I have time” because, let’s face it, you’re never going to have time. Go through each account one-by-one and don’t rush it.

3. Social Media Marketing Account Analysis

You need to analyse your social media accounts in two ways.

Number one, you need to take a close look at those channels you are using to promote your business and you should stop wasting your time in social media channels that don’t serve your purpose.

Number two, you need to take a close look at how you are using social media personally and stop wasting your time in channels you don’t enjoy using or you find annoying. Remember, just because you’re using social media for business, you don’t have to be 100% immersed in it as an individual.

So, simplify your social media by committing to those channels that will be of most benefit to your business and make your personal, online social life more valuable. Here are a few hints about how to do that:

  • Unfollow people, accounts and feeds that are no longer valuable to you or don’t interest you
    Leave groups that are no longer relevant
  • Mute accounts that you like – but maybe they post too frequently
  • Unfollow (or even Unfriend) accounts that you no longer feel connected to

3. Change Your Social Media Habits

Take back control by changing your habits.

Personally: All the social media marketing channels have settings that allow you to manage how and when you receive information, for example, you can turn off email and instant notifications, or you can manage your tagging settings in Facebook so you don’t receive notification of every comment, suggestion or reaction if you are tagged in someone else’s post.

Being Business-Like: Check and manage your social media at set times every day – and make sure you stick to it!

You need to take control of social media or it could take control of you.

4. Organise Your Social Media Marketing Content

Some of the social media sites allow you to organise content into sections. For example, Twitter allows you to create lists of the type of posts / content you want to see, such as, Tweets from specific people, companies, brands and even hashtags. In Pinterest you can create Boards to cumulate information on specific topics or from particular people. One of my favourite ways of collating and organising online content is Pocket – you should check it out.

So, this was Week 1 of my three week Social Media Marketing Countdown to 2018. Let me know how you get on with implementing any of these ideas – or if you have any strategies or ideas of your own. The comments box is below; don’t be shy 🙂


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